design phase

Planning begins for multi-phase project to provide water to South Valley.

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crew working on a trench

Phase 1 begins with installation of 36-inch and 42-inch transmission waterlines and a small portion of 10-inch distribution waterlines that connect the existing water system east of the Rio Grande to the South Valley east of Coors Blvd and west of the Rio Grande. In total, approximately 22,310 linear feet of transmission waterline and 7,500…

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Water line construction photo

Phase 2 is constructed in two sub-phases, 2 and 2A, with installation of approximately 140,000 linear feet of distribution waterline and 1,200 water services. The project limits extend from Metzgar Rd to Raymac Rd., east of Coors Blvd.

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Phase 3 includes construction of the Pajarito Reservoir and approximately 9,600 linear feet of 36-inch transmission waterline in Pajarito Rd. to connect the new reservoir to the existing 36-inch transmission waterline completed during Phase 1 at the intersection of Coors Blvd and Pajarito Rd. The Pajarito Reservoir is supplied and fed by the Miles Reservoir,…

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Phase 4 involves construction of the Pajarito Pump Station, which installed booster pumps to convey water to the Pajarito Reservoir. The reservoir sits at an elevation of 5,155 feet while the pump station has an existing elevation of 4,915 feet. This phase increases water capacity for future expansion. Phase 5 installs approximately 50,000 feet of…

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Construction of this phase is split into multiple sub-phases due to funding restrictions. Phase 6A installs approximately 23,000 feet of distribution waterline and 243 water services on Coors Blvd, Isleta Blvd, Norment/Luchetti Rd, Los Padillas Rd., and additional roads in between Coors Blvd and McKim Rd. Phase 6B installs approximately 36,000 linear feet of distribution…

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Construction of Phase 7 is split into multiple sub-phases due to funding restrictions. Phase 7 includes installation of waterlines east of Coors Blvd. and west of the Rio Grande River between Los Padillas Rd. and I-25. A neighborhood on the south side of I-25, between Isleta Blvd. and the Rio Grande River is also included.…

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The Coors Extension project installs two parallel distribution waterlines in the westbound and eastbound shoulders of Coors Blvd. from Gun Club Rd. to Pajarito Rd.

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Phases 8A and 8B are being designed through the winter of 2023/2024, with construction for Phase 8A and part of 8B expected to begin in the summer of 2024 and be completed by winter 2025.

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