Construction Impacts

Phase 8A and part of 8B will continue the South Valley Drinking Water Project. The two phases are currently in design through Winter 2023/2024. A contractor is expected to be selected in spring 2024, and construction on these phases is expected to be complete in winter 2025. During construction:

  • Crews will trench mostly in the public right-of-way.

  • Property owners will be given a blue flag to provide approximate location of new water meter.

  • Property owners may have limited access to property during day-to- day construction. Contractor will coordinate with residents to provide access.

  • Contractor will be responsible for site conditions and provide water during trenching operations to limit dust in the area.

  • Contractor will follow residential noise ordinance to limit resident disturbance.

  • Contractor will work on weekdays during the day except during emergencies.

  • During construction, contractor will coordinate with residents and agencies responsible for trash pickup and mail delivery.

Phase 8A and 8B map
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