For the last 20 plus years, Bernalillo County and the Water Authority have been working to provide clean drinking water to the South Valley.

Phases 1-7, constructed between 2002 and 2022, have brought water to the South Valley area west of the Rio Grande, east of Coors Blvd., north of Isleta Pueblo and south of Metzgar Rd.

To date, the project has installed about:

  • 23,210 linear feet of water transmission line

  • 317,200 linear feet of water distribution line

  • 2,115 water services

Phases 8 and 9 will bring water to the area west of Coors Blvd., east of Douglas Rd., north of I-25, and south of Dennis Chavez. Phases 8 and 9 will install approximately:

  • 109,854 linear feet of water line

  • 591 water services